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I find it odd that the crowd gets silent when I actually prove a… - Life and Why [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Thousands of moments

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[Dec. 27th, 2007|12:11 am]
Thousands of moments
I find it odd that the crowd gets silent when I actually prove a point.

What sense is there is arguing a point when no one listens anyway?

I find it odd that those I've met and known for mere months understand and accept more than those I've known for years.

I have a living that I have to make.  No one else is going to make it but me.  I really don't believe that God just hands things out-- He blessed those who do work hard.  I know that I'm blessed.  I believe I'm blessed mainly because I put forth effort and perserverance.  For the most part.  If I were to simply sit around or wait, or even just bide my time, I really hesitate to think that God would still be as benevolent.
People know that I have to work full time.  While attending school full time.

I have bills that I must pay.
No one is going to pay them for me.
It's my responsibility.
Congratulations that most others have gratitious individuals and family members willing to help out and lend money.
I don't have that luxury.

Thus, I trek the path that I do.

I don't chase people down.
I don't shake people down for a returned phone call.
I most certainly do not run after people when they're upset.
If someone's busy and they mind enough to call back, then so be it.  
If they don't, I don't lose sleep over it.
And I most certainly don't forget about friendships because of it.

If you cannot accept my repeated apologies and understand that things haven't been the easiest, fine.  It's no longer my problem.
Thanks for holding grudges, guys.