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Life and Why

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Thousands of moments
5 October
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You ride your llama into the darkness of the night, only to find out, he stumbles and says "NNNAAARRRRQQQ" when he falls.

How you die: You are involved in a run by fruiting. Your suspenders are injured and you have a closed casket. No one wants to look at that.

My life is rated G.
What is your life rated?

If you're going to whine about the content of my LJ... go somewhere else. Start an "I hate taintedrelic" club. Speak of how much you all hate me because of the prolific writer that I am and my ability to create better prose and ramblings than you and your donkey. Heh. Just kidding.

Doesn't bother me what you say about me, either. They're your opinions and you can have them. But let's just keep them that way-- yours and only yours.

Trying to be a good Christian kid. Disclaimer: trying. No one said life was going to be easy-- heck, they made it a point to say otherwise. But they never said you had to go at it alone-- ::snap:: There's 6.2 billion people on this earth, you'd think at least one of them was going through what you're dealing with. And there's the God who loves you. Who created you. No matter what's happened to you, or what you believe, you can't dispute that.

Try and you'll fail. That's how God works.

"Try to do something so great for God that unless he intervenes, you will fail."

"Bring to the world the message of Christ. Use words if you have to."

-- And let us not forget--- all the stupid things I do.